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Basic Distillation Information

FloraGenics equipment can utilize three different techniques to extract the essential oils, depending on the plant material.

True Steam Distillation: Plant material in the mother flask is dry and the oil is sweated out by injecting steam. The fastest and most efficient distillation process with least essential oil degradation. Preferred method for flower blossoms, citrus rinds and most leaves.

Steam and Water: Plant material mixed with water in mother flask and also injected with steam. Water and steam must be in contact with surface of plant material. Used to extract oils from wood, bark, seeds and dried buds.

Water Distillation: Plant material mixed with water in mother flask and heated to boiling. Generally avoided due to burning and breakdown of plant material and important elements in the essential oils.

Essential Oil Yield: The quantity of oil produced in distillation of aromatic plants is varied and depends of a number of factors.

Some types of plants will yield more than another in the same family. In lavender, for example, the cultivar "Grosso", a hybrid, will yield more than the English variety. Other factors include the prepration process ( whether it's dry, fresh or ground), the oil solubility in water and the efficiency of the oil extraction and separation process.

At FloraGenics, we can provide guidelines for anticipated production of numerous botanicals.

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