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At FloraGenics, we pride ourselves on superior quality and service. Collected below are just a small sample of the feedback we receive on a daily basis... check out what our customers have said about us.


"FloraGenics designs the best distilling machines I have ever used! And their attention to detail and servicing is the best! Our distilling equipment produces the finest oil that I know of here in the Central Valley of California."

Rona Barrett - LuvLand Farms Lavender

"My first distillation of lavender today was successful. The still worked like a charm and I was relieved because you know I have no experience."

Charley Pemberton, Blanco, Texas

"Your still is very easy to use. We use it constantly to distill thingslike yarrow and cedar, testing for new products."

Simon Wood Yukon Wild, Dawson City, Yukon Territories

"I am SIMPLY DELIGHTED with this - and to let you know how grateful I am, and how I treasure this -- I plan to build a box, and line it, so that it will store my Distiller and the Separatory Funnel... and you can be SURE I will be recommending your distiller on the lists I'm on (perfumery groups)  AND tell friends who I know are interested"

Vicki Camp, Cloudy Ridge, Grand Rapids, MI


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